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Product Overview

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The DAYLIFF DDPS 60 are solar booster pumps suitable for water transfer in small scale applications where grid power is unavailable. It is constructed of cast iron pump body, aluminium motor body, peripheral brass impeller and silicon carbide mechanical seal.


Power Outputs
Pump output curves are given at standard test conditions of 1000W/m2 solar irradiance and 250C. Output will vary throughout the year depending upon prevailing irradiation levels. For estimated daily outputs at continuous pumping, multiply the indicated output at the duty point by the daily irradiation given in Graph 1. For indicative purposes, factors of 1.1 can be applied for hot arid areas and 0.9 for temperate high altitude areas in East Africa. Output will vary throughout the day as a proportion of the estimated hourly irradiation as shown in Graph 2.

Operating Conditions

Pumped Liquid: Thin, clean, chemically non-aggressive liquid without solids or fibres
Max. Ambient Temperature: +350C
Max. Liquid Temperature: +400C
Max. Liquid Temperature: 7m at sea level

Pump Data

Model Motor Input Power (w) Voltage (V) Inlet / Outlet Dimensions

DDPS60 370 24 1" 265 120 150 5.5

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