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Product Overview

Product Details

iDAYLIFF is an innovative remote control system designed for the control and monitoring of water pumps. It is available as an option on any DAYLIFF pump control panel and provides users with specific information about the operation of their pumping system.

RTU(Remote Terminal Unit)
The heart of the system is the RTU controller that monitors various selected conditioned analogue and digital signals and relays the data to mobile phones and internet applications. The RTU is fitted with a SIM card and so the installation must have a mobile GSM network signal available to operate. It then transmits the data received in selectable formats to the operator.
iDAYLIFF features an event-based alert system that monitors selected pump operations and alarm conditions using the GSM controller. The following parameters can be monitored depending upon the sensors provided:-

  • Pump start and stop
  • Pump trip due to overload and subsequent resets
  • Low water level conditions
  • Motor current
  • Power supply failure
  • Water flow rate and system pressures (special sensors required)
  •  Energy consumption (special sensor required)

In addition the system can provide for remote pump switching using a Dayliff developed mobile application.

Communication Options
iDAYLIFF1 is provided with an Android mobile phone application. Alerts are delivered on an events based frequency via SMS texts to the selected users.

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