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Dayliff Seko AM chemical dosing pumps are high specification products for the accurate dosage of a wide range of chemicals in general water treatment and industrial process applications


  • Positive displacement diaphragm type with micro processor based analogue magnetic solenoid motors
  • Adjustable flow rate via a control dial on the front panel which varies stroke frequency
  • Fitted with an operating status LED which indicates stroke cycles and fault conditions
  • Level control input to stop pump when solution tank empties
  • Construction of corrosion resistant PVC for the pump bodies and dosing heads, PTFE diaphragm for universal chemical resistance and ceramic ball valve
  • Supplied complete with installation kits including foot valve, mounting screws, injection valve, 2m PE delivery tube, 4m PVC suction and bleeding tube and a wall mounting bracket
  • Two models available, AML with manually adjustable flow rate in ranges 0-20%, 0-100% and AMM with proportional flow rate determined by an external analogue signal
Max Flow: 5l/hr      
Max Pressure: 8 Bar
V Stroke: 0.52cc
Max Stroke Rate: 160/min
Connections: 4/6 mm
Input Power: 14W
Power Input: 240 VAC/50 Hz

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