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DAYLIFF DSOLARX range of pumps are high specification solar powered centrifugal and helical rotor DC pumps specifically designed for borehole applications and feature a remote surface mounted controller. Pumps are constructed principally from AISI 304 stainless steel and are engineered to the highest standards to give serviceability, excellent efficiency, high reliability and long life. Helical rotor type are supplied with spare rotor.

Pumps are fitted with Permanent Magnet brushless high efficiency, maintenance free DC motors without integrated electronics specifically designed for maximum efficiency for solar module per sun. They should be powered by solar arrays configured to provide the input voltage required and sized at approximately 130% of the rated motor power.

Speed: 3300rpm
Insulation Class: F
Enclosure Class: IP68

Pumps are provided with matched controllers for monitoring, protecting and controlling pump operations with the following features:-

  • Protection against reverse polarity, overload and over temperature.
  • Integrated MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracking) with 99% energy conversion efficiency to maximize module power output.
  • Fully automatic operation and complete protection including low level control, dry running and over/under voltage.
  • Enhanced pump start on low sun intensity e.g in the morning.
  • Easy trouble shooting, where fault code is displayed on LCD screen for fast identification and problem solving.
  • Enclosure Class: IP52.

Power Outputs
Pump output curves are given at standard test conditions of 1000W/m2 solar irradiance and 250C. Output will vary throughout the year depending upon prevailing irradiation levels. For estimated daily outputs at continuous pumping multiply the indicated output at the duty point by the daily irradiation given in Graph 1. For indicative purposes factors of 1.1 can be applied for hot arid areas and 0.9 for temperate high altitude areas in East Africa. Output will vary throughout the day as a proportion of the estimated hourly irradiation as shown in Graph 2.

Operating Conditions
Pumped Liquid: Thin, clean, chemically non-aggressive liquids without solid and fibres.
Maximum Liquid Temperature: 0 - 350C
Controller Ambient Temperature: -200C to +600C
Max Immersion Depth: 250m
Minimum Borehole Diameter: 125mm



Model Type Motor Power

MPP Voltage Dimensions (mm)

kW Input V A B C D D1 Q E H
D4SOLARX0600H Helical Rotor 0.6 15 150 60-120VDC 560 351 209 146 113 32 202 244 16
D4SOLARX1200H Helical Rotor 1.2 15 200 120-160VDC 600 358 242 146 113 32 202 284 20
D4SOLARX1800C Centrifugal 1.8 15 200 120-160VDC 1040 389 651


113 40 202 284 24

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  • D4SOLARX0600H
  • D4SOLARX1200H
  • D4SOLARX1800C
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